City.Ballet: Behind the scenes at NYCB

Have you guys heard of city.ballet? It’s a twelve-part online documentary series about New York City Ballet, narrated by Sarah Jessica Parker.

via A CUP OF JO: Ballet is tough.

I am obsessed with ballet. It was my very first style of dance, and I will probably never lose that part of me that looked at a pair of pointe shoes with awe and dreamed of being a principal ballerina.

Of course, I won’t ever be a principal ballerina. I’m right around the age when a lot of professional dancers retire. But I still love going to the ballet, I love the combination of magic and grit in ballet. And I will never tire of those behind-the-scenes glimpses of ballet companies. (My favorite part of working for a modern dance company was getting invited into the studio to watch rehearsals!)

So of course, I jumped out of my seat when I heard about the City.Ballet documentary series. It contains 12 snippets of ballet life: The pressure. The hierarchy. The joys and the pain. It’s a great introduction if you have no idea what a ballet company is like, and it’s a perfect opportunity for people like me to dream about what might have been.

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