Walled World: Wealth, poverty, and the borders between them

Theo Deutinger’s “Walled World” is a map illustrating wealth distribution around the world. From his site:

Accelerated through the fear from the attacks of 9/11 and all what followed, the so called ‘Western Society’ is constructing the greatest wall ever build on this planet. On different building sites on all five inhabitable continents, walls, fences and high-tech border surveillance are under construction in order to secure the citizens and their high quality of life within this system. The fall of the Berlin Wall was described as the historical moment that marks the demolition of world’s last barrier between nation states. Yet it took the European Union only six years to create with the Schengen Agreement in 1995 a new division only 80km offset to the east of Berlin.

As the map shows, there are a handful of very well-defended borders that divide the wealthiest parts of the world (with 14% of the world’s population and 73% of its wealth) from the rest of the world (with 86% of the population and only 27% of its wealth). It’s not the only way to look at how wealth is distributed, but it’s an interesting view.

Look at the map.