Data Analysis: A look at Basecamp support

Basecamp has made some very impressive improvements to their support response times in the past year:

Thanks largely to that investment in getting to 24/7 coverage, we continued to make a dent in response times this year, with the median time to response across the entire year falling slightly to 3 minutes. For comparison, back in 2011 and 2012 our median response time for email cases was over 2 hours.

An effort to increase weekend coverage had dramatic results:

Not surprisingly, the biggest impact on response time was seen on the weekends, where we cut median response time from about 8 hours to 6 minutes. We made a dent on weekdays too, with median response time falling from ~10 minutes to ~3 minutes.

Noah Lorang’s quantitative look at Basecamp support is both inspiring from a support perspective and intriguing from a data perspective. Makes me want to dive more deeply into the quantitative data we collect for support.

Read more (and geek out on the charts): 2014 was a good year for Basecamp support

h/t Andrew Spittle

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