Long Words (and the answer to the question, “What is i18n?”)

I was enjoying some of Tom Scott’s videos and came across this fun one about long words:

I’ll admit I mostly wanted to share it because I live near that town (whose name I still can’t pronounce properly). I also laughed at the point where he qualified his claim about long words:

Language doesn’t generally support—at least, the English language doesn’t generally support long words.

While learning German, I always enjoyed seeing how it could take many English words and turn them into a single word. If you’d like a funny example, I’d recommend watching Rhabarberbarbara (a Quatschgeschichte, or “nonsense story” — another good example of inventing long words in German).

However, I also enjoyed the bonus information about the abbreviation i18n. I learned that abbreviation while working as a translator and still use it a lot in my everyday work. Language is fun. Enjoy it! 🙂