Humans for Humans: Get to know the people dealing with homelessness

Humans for Humans is trying to change the conversation around homelessness. In this video, they asked a number of homeless people to read mean tweets about the homeless — calling them bums, calling them dirty, calling them heartless.

Don’t give in to those stereotypes or mechanisms for distancing yourself from homelessness. Check out the other videos on the Humans for Humans site. See the people in them for who they are. And consider support organizations like Raising the Roof (Canada, the organization behind Humans for Humans), Shelter Cymru (Wales), or a nonprofit or charity in your local area.

4 thoughts on “Humans for Humans: Get to know the people dealing with homelessness”

  1. That seems kind of mean to make them read those comments. People say despicable things. Is this the right way to make them stop doing it?


    1. I believe it’s meant to be in the same vein as Jimmy Kimmel’s series of Celebrities Read Mean Tweets, but for a good cause rather than our entertainment. And it forces us to directly compare the terrible things people say with the people they’re talking about. Which isn’t to say it doesn’t hurt to read them, but I understand the reasoning behind the campaign.


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