Childless by Choice

People with children have told me that it is virtually impossible to put into words what they gain from their children. “I would be at a loss to describe it in any way other than clichés,” a friend told me. “You can’t know what you are missing until you are on the other side.” Well, I don’t know what it feels like to bungee jump either, yet people don’t try to convince me to hurl myself into a canyon. Besides, I might be able to jump once and then decide that it isn’t for me. With having children this obviously isn’t an option.
The Answer is Never, by Sabine Heinlein

2 thoughts on “Childless by Choice”

  1. It’s not for everyone, and as said, once you have them, you can’t change your mind. People should mind their own business, and other people’s reproductive decisions don’t fall under that category.

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