Simplenote is Back! — Simplenote

When some of my teammates starting developing Simplenote again last year, one of my tasks was to pick up beta testing for it. I can’t give it the testing attention it deserves at this point (there are only so many hours in a day, and we have other apps to test!) which is why I really appreciate our community of users and beta testers who send in feedback — if you’d like to join in, there are links in the post below to our Android and iOS beta programs.

After a short hiatus, Simplenote is actively being developed again! We’ve been busy cleaning up the user interface, bringing old code up to date behind the scenes, and fixing some long-standing bugs. Check out the recent release notes below. Android Added search sorting by date created, date modified, and alphabetically with search history and suggestions. […]

Simplenote is Back! — Simplenote