Data Analysis: Regression

As part of this week’s lesson for the data analysis class I’m taking, we completed the Khan Academy’s lessons on Regression.

If you’re looking for a quick introduction to scatter plots and linear regression I’d highly recommend it.

Reduce Poverty by Supporting New Mothers

A RAND Corporation study found that each dollar invested in nurse visits to low-income unmarried mothers produced $5.70 in benefits.

So here we have an anti-poverty program that is cheap, is backed by rigorous evidence and pays for itself several times over in reduced costs later on. Yet it has funds to serve only 2 percent to 3 percent of needy families. That’s infuriating.

Read the article: The Way to Beat Poverty

Don’t have time to read it? Take a look at these organizations (mentioned at the end of the article) that are already working on early childhood issues:

NURSE-FAMILY PARTNERSHIP is a proven home-visitation program that gives at-risk kids a shot at reaching the starting line.

REACH OUT AND READ supports pediatricians who hand out books to low-income children during doctor visits, with instructions about bedtime reading. Careful studies show that the parents read to the children more often and the children end up with larger vocabularies — all for just $20 per child per year.

SPRINGBOARD COLLABORATIVE provides intensive summer school for disadvantaged children, so that a three-month loss in reading level turns into a 3.3-month gain. A donor can sponsor a child for a summer for $350.

SAVE THE CHILDREN provides home visitation, screening and literacy programs for young children. A sponsorship is $28 a month.

(Photo credit: U.S. Army)

Trance Wants To Make It Easy For Great Dancers To Show Off Their Moves

Trance is an app that’s dedicated to dance videos, for dancers to share their work and for dance-lovers to discover them — a pretty awesome idea, if you ask me. Check the TechCrunch post for an interview with the app creators and a preview of the app itself. I heard about Trance a couple months ago, but I just got word that the app will be released in the new few weeks. If you’re interested, you can give them your email to stay in the loop!