New York City Ballet, online and in theaters

For all you fellow bunheads, the second season of city.ballet is online! And if that doesn’t give you enough of a glimpse into the New York City Ballet, check out the trailer for Ballet 422:

The documentary follows the process as Justin Peck creates the company’s 422nd new ballet. Now you just have to wait for it to come out — it’s scheduled to be released on February 6, 2015.

A Performance Gone Wrong

Dancing in a corps de ballet is deceptively hard — every person on stage needs to be completely coordinated, keeping up with the choreography but also keeping an eye on the other dancers in the corps. Every detail is important.

While the principal dancers and soloists have pressure to execute tricky, showy steps with personality and individuality, the corps has to be clean and precise, like elegant carbon copies of a single dancer. In the corps, you fear that moment when you accidentally turn right instead of left, relevé instead of plié, or miss a cue entirely. This video is to celebrate those moments:

City.Ballet: Behind the scenes at NYCB

Have you guys heard of city.ballet? It’s a twelve-part online documentary series about New York City Ballet, narrated by Sarah Jessica Parker.

via A CUP OF JO: Ballet is tough.

I am obsessed with ballet. It was my very first style of dance, and I will probably never lose that part of me that looked at a pair of pointe shoes with awe and dreamed of being a principal ballerina. Continue reading “City.Ballet: Behind the scenes at NYCB”