Learning Design

Recently, I took a course called Fundamentals of Design at Code School. It’s an interesting course, but it’s a bit of a whirlwind — I think they could have a whole design track instead of just one course. (This course is part of their HTML/CSS track, but it isn’t really about coding and feels out of place there.)

The course introduces three main areas of design: Continue reading “Learning Design”

Coding for the Web

Over the past few months, my coding focus has shifted from Python programming to front-end website development. It wasn’t a conscious choice so much as a natural gravitation back toward topics that have always interested me.

As a result, I recently finished up three Code School courses:

  • CSS Cross-Country
  • Functional HTML5 & CSS3
  • Journey Into Mobile

I’m onto the 4th course in the Code School HTML/CSS track: Assembling Sass. I’m loving this experience! There’s so much for me to learn and improve. Continue reading “Coding for the Web”