Geeking out with MOOCs

As my MITx computer science course comes to an end, I’m looking at the next three MOOCs I am planning to take:

Did you know that Stanford has online classes, too? A lot of people are becoming more familiar with Coursera and edX (as well as other platforms), but I had forgotten about Stanford. Right now they are only offering this one class, but it’s perfect for me because I have been wanting to learn more about the inner workings of databases. Continue reading “Geeking out with MOOCs”

Learning a New GUI

Last fall, I decided to dive back into computer programming—at least beyond the HTML and CSS (and bits of PHP) that I have been playing with for years. This time around, I decided to try Python. I found three free online courses that used Python: “Learn to Program: The Fundamentals” and “An Introduction to Interactive Programming in Python” from Coursera, and “Introduction to Computer Science and Programming” from edX.

The first course was a methodical introduction to programming in Python. It helped remind me of the basics of programming while I tackled the other two courses. The edX course (which I’m finishing up in the next week or so) is a more solid, comprehensive computer science course. I feel like it introduced more theory and more challenging problem sets, but it did have the advantage of being a longer course. The most fun, though, was the interactive programming course, a.k.a. how to create games in Python. Continue reading “Learning a New GUI”