It All Started with GeoCities

How did I get my start with coding? You might think it’s because both of my parents worked as computer programmers. That was almost certainly why I had a computer as a small child, but I never had an urge to follow in their footsteps. As a child and teen I was more interested in learning natural languages and ballet than how to program.

But around 1997, after we got AOL service, I discovered GeoCities. They had neighborhoods! Your website wasn’t floating out in cyberspace by itself; you got to pick a virtual community. Plus, one of my friends had one. I decided to move into the EnchantedForest neighborhood. Continue reading “It All Started with GeoCities”

How to Use Firebug to Modify CSS

I am a huge fan of the Firebug add-on for Firefox. Even though I use Chrome for a lot of my day-to-day web browsing, I always keep Firefox open when I am fiddling with websites. I especially like to use Firebug to figure out how a website’s CSS is structured and find where to make changes to the code. I can try out potential changes to the code—and see immediate feedback—without having to commit to them right away.

Identify the Element

The first step in using Firebug to make a style change is to identify which piece of code is controlling the element you want to edit. For example, I have decided that I want to change the “Follow me on Twitter” link on one of my websites. It’s a little boring. Continue reading “How to Use Firebug to Modify CSS”