Earworm: Ageh Ye Rooz

This is a song that I never get tired of. Something about the melody just sticks in my head, and I find myself humming it for hours after I listen to it. It doesn’t hurt that the singers, Faramarz Aslani and Dariush, have such lovely voices. I got to see them live in concert in Los Angeles a couple years ago, and it was well worth the trip.

I’ll put this song on repeat a dozen times in a row. (Not kidding. I have to put on headphones to avoid driving everyone around me crazy.) The singing, the guitars, the drums … everything just flows. I think that’s why I can’t sit still when this song is on, either. Something about it just compels me to move. I don’t dance as well as the Persian women I know, but I sure try!

The song is titled “Ageh Ye Rooz” (اگه یه‌ روز), which means If One Day in Farsi (Persian). If you want to know more about the lyrics, check out this translation — it includes spoken recordings for each line of the song, plus vocabulary exercises. (That site has a ton of other songs and resources, too, if you’re interested in learning Farsi or just curious about Persian culture.)

Note: I’ve been listening to this song continuously since starting to write this blog post. Hitting play the first time is what inspired me to write about it, and I can’t bring myself to stop. I’ll just hit that repeat button one … more … time …