Codecademy: JavaScript

In an effort to refresh my memory, I just finished the Codecademy JavaScript class. I learned JavaScript a while back but never used it much (aside from reading other people’s code), so I had forgotten some of the details. I’m not sure how the course would be for learning from scratch — it doesn’t linger on explaining the concepts or the choice between different approaches to solving a problem — but it was great way for me to remember the syntax.

My goal is to use JavaScript to finish a fun, long-unfinished personal project, but I’m sure this refresher will come in handy for other purposes, too.

Setting Equal and Minimum Column Heights in WordPress

Last year, I helped my parents’ church move their website into WordPress. It was my first attempt at recreating an existing design within WordPress (a bit scary). I wrote about the process on my professional blog, but I think this is a good place to highlight the specific code I was working on.

Challenge #1: Matching column heights with dynamic content

The front page of the site has two columns that must be of equal height, and the content (and thus the column height) is dynamic. That meant I couldn’t just cheat and used fixed heights. I needed to find a solution that would automatically adjust the column heights—both of them!—when the content in one column changed. Continue reading “Setting Equal and Minimum Column Heights in WordPress”