Tackling JSON and Relational Algebra

My Intro to Databases course moved on from XML to JSON, which I have to admit was less motivating for me. JSON has an interesting format, but I don’t really know what I would use it for. In any case, we didn’t spend much time on it. I zipped through that section and onto a more hefty topic: relational algebra.

I had a somewhat satisfying moment when my husband, an electrical engineer, offered to help me with a homework problem I was stuck on. (He is my go-to guy for helping me learn or relearn the more complex math and logic problems I encounter in my computer science courses.) I started to explain the homework problem, when he stopped me: “Wait, what is relational algebra?” I explained the general idea and the allowed operations, and he admitted, “Huh, I have never done that before.” As he wandered back to his own work, I turned back to my desk with even more resolve. A technical concept I could master that he doesn’t already know? I’ll do it! Continue reading “Tackling JSON and Relational Algebra”