Photography 101: Time to take some pictures!

I decided to take part in Photography 101, the newest in a series of Blogging U. courses for bloggers. The course starts this Monday, November 3, so it isn’t too late to sign up and join me. 😉 (You can also catch the latest round of Blogging 101 if you’re more writing-oriented!)

I like taking photos, but I keep saying I need a little extra motivation to get me to learn more about taking good photos. Right now I rely on a handful of really basic concepts (think the Rule of Thirds). And I’m not very intentional about my photo excursions. A course like this should help me learn more, photograph more, and break out my DSLR more often. (Although I’m guessing I’ll still fall back to my phone’s camera for some of the assignments. It’s just more convenient.)

This is also a good excuse to introduce my new photo blog, Happy Photos. I’ll be posting most of my photos there from now on, including the photos I take for the Photography 101 assignments. You can subscribe to that blog to see all my photos or just keep an eye on this blog’s footer to catch the latest ones.

P.S. If you’re a photographer, any favorite tips or resources you’d like to share?