Motivate Yourself with a Book Club

Several years ago, I joined a book club. A friend of mine was already part of the club, and she enticed me to join with a book that had been on my reading list for a while. It was a blast to have a group of folks to discuss it with — I hadn’t really done that since graduate school. I ended up dropping out of the club after my reading interests diverged from everyone else’s, but I’m still glad I was part of it for a while.

At the start of the year, some of my coworkers created a different sort of book club. Inspired by The Morning News Tournament of Books, we decided to read all of the books in the tournament and see how our reviews stacked up against the judges’ opinions. We divvied up the reading so each person covered 2-4 books. That’s how I ended up breaking out of my literary rut and reading All the Light We Cannot SeeI enjoyed the excuse to check out books outside of my normal genres, and it is fun to see what my coworkers thought of these books.

Now that we’re finishing the tournament, I’m moving on to my next book club of sorts. This time, Matt encouraged us to join Scott Berkun’s book club for his book Making Things Happen. It sounded interesting, so I rented a Kindle copy and started reading. I’m only one chapter in so far, so I don’t have much to say yet, but I’m enjoying the process — especially knowing that there is a whole group of other professionals interested in talking it over at the same time.

I have always been an avid reader, but I admit I’ve gone through dry spells and times when I just couldn’t settle on a good book to read. Book clubs are a fun way for me to discover new books, motivate myself to get reading, and reflect on the books I finish. Which reminds me — do you have any favorite books I should add to my reading list?