Walking the Walk

I love walking and hiking, but in the winter it can be hard to motivate myself to ignore the cold/rain/gloom and go out for a walk. Even geocaching has trouble competing with the dismal weather. 

So I was pretty delighted when I came across a new app, The Walk. Basically, there’s a story in the app that’s divided into episodes. In each episode, you have to walk a certain number of minutes, and there’s incentive to walk consistently to finish each episode. By the end of the game you’ll have walked the entire length of the UK. Pretty awesome goal, especially for an expat living in the UK like me!

The same folks made the app Zombies, Run! That looks fun if you’re more into running than I am. (When it comes to building a long-term sustainable habit, walking is way more realistic for me.)

British Accents

I was just telling someone the other day that I haven’t yet learned to identify the various British accents. Living in Wales, I’m familiar with the local Welsh accent (and can at least identify if someone is Welsh or English or, say, an expat like me from much farther away). But beyond that, I’m still a bit lost.

So this post from kottke.org was perfectly timed to help me out with an overview of 17 common British accents: