Having Fun with CSS

A while back I mentioned how I was working on the website for my parents’ church. My goal for the rest of the year was to improve the WordPress child theme that I had built for them, and maybe rebuild it as an independent theme from scratch.

Confession: I never reached that goal. Continue reading “Having Fun with CSS”


Coding for the Web

Over the past few months, my coding focus has shifted from Python programming to front-end website development. It wasn’t a conscious choice so much as a natural gravitation back toward topics that have always interested me.

As a result, I recently finished up three Code School courses:

  • CSS Cross-Country
  • Functional HTML5 & CSS3
  • Journey Into Mobile

I’m onto the 4th course in the Code School HTML/CSS track: Assembling Sass. I’m loving this experience! There’s so much for me to learn and improve. Continue reading “Coding for the Web”

It All Started with GeoCities

How did I get my start with coding? You might think it’s because both of my parents worked as computer programmers. That was almost certainly why I had a computer as a small child, but I never had an urge to follow in their footsteps. As a child and teen I was more interested in learning natural languages and ballet than how to program.

But around 1997, after we got AOL service, I discovered GeoCities. They had neighborhoods! Your website wasn’t floating out in cyberspace by itself; you got to pick a virtual community. Plus, one of my friends had one. I decided to move into the EnchantedForest neighborhood. Continue reading “It All Started with GeoCities”

Setting Equal and Minimum Column Heights in WordPress

Last year, I helped my parents’ church move their website into WordPress. It was my first attempt at recreating an existing design within WordPress (a bit scary). I wrote about the process on my professional blog, but I think this is a good place to highlight the specific code I was working on.

Challenge #1: Matching column heights with dynamic content

The front page of the site has two columns that must be of equal height, and the content (and thus the column height) is dynamic. That meant I couldn’t just cheat and used fixed heights. I needed to find a solution that would automatically adjust the column heights—both of them!—when the content in one column changed. Continue reading “Setting Equal and Minimum Column Heights in WordPress”