Conquering XML

Perhaps¬†conquer isn’t the best word … Maybe I should say that I am finally getting a sense of XML. One of the first subjects tackled in my Introduction to Databases course (Stanford Class2Go)¬†was XML Data and XML Validation. Was XML a brand new concept for me? No. Had I ever tried to actually understand XML before? Heck no.

We were introduced to two types of XML validation: Document Type Definition (DTD) and XML Schema. We didn’t go into too much depth with XML Schema, but we did have a variety of exercises asking us to write DTDs for XML data. I got a little thrill when I pasted my DTD for the first data set into the homework checker and found out it was right on the first try. Woohoo!

It wasn’t entirely easy, but I do feel like I have a handle on it now. The instructor lectured on the topics but didn’t have any kind of handout, so I kept track of the most important points I learned: Continue reading “Conquering XML”